What we can do for you

RSD Advisors’ mission is to provide financial advice to individuals and institutions. We provide real world solutions for clients who seek an objective financial blueprint and solid recommendations for managing their financial affairs.

Some examples of problems we have solved for clients are:

  • Planning and investing for retirement.
  • Saving and investing for a child’s college education.
  • Prudently managing and investing an inheritance or estate.
  • Safeguarding a family’s well being with insurance and disability coverage.
  • Properly assessing a business’ or individual’s cash flow and cash needs.
  • Helping clients properly assess total financial risk exposure and then managing that risk.

We work with our clients to implement their goals by offering investment management services and insurance products. The company will provide comprehensive planning for a fixed fee if a client desires. In most cases we recommend providing a basic plan at no charge to a prospective client. The client may then wish to engage us for our investment management or insurance product offerings. Our view is that most clients need and want help in better defining their goals and then implementing them in the financial marketplace.

Fiduciary Duty

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are obligated to put our client’s interest first and to invest in a manner of a prudent investor. This is a higher standard of conduct than a brokerage firm. A broker dealer’s obligation to clients is to meet a much lower legal standard of “suitability”. A particular investment merely has to be suitable for a client, not to meet their best interests. The fiduciary standard is a high standard of behavior that we are proud to uphold.