November 5, 2018

You would readily engage a variety of professionals throughout your adult life….. think of an RIA Financial Advisor as your coach for your healthy financial future.   Ask yourself these 5 critical questions……

Do my investments reflect my goals ?

How risky is my current investment portfolio?

How much cash do I need readily available?

Are my long term savi...

April 10, 2017

Our CIO and fixed income guru was quoted in Barrons over the weekend talking about the benefits of investing in high yield municipal bonds.  Article below:

The Case for High-Yield Municipal Bond Funds

They’re lower-risk than their corporate counterparts, and their tax advantages now look more secure.


Investors in search of better yields—but who...

April 3, 2017

There are over 9,500 mutual funds, 1,500 ETFs and 500 closed-ends funds available for U.S. investors to choose from.  These vehicles cut across numerous asset classes – equities, fixed income, commodities – and across both broad market exposure (ie S&P 500) to very narrow strategies (from Cyber Security to the Peru stock market.)  Many of these strategies...

February 25, 2017

It would seem pretty well established that the Financial services industry is a people-intensive business, particularly in investment advisory.  When you look at potentially hiring someone to guide you on life’s financial journey, it’s the people – their knowledge, experience and ethical standing – that forms the basis as to their suitability. After all,...

February 16, 2017

Our resident bond guru and CIO, Rick Daskin, offers his thoughts on the role of the credit rating agencies in an article published in ThinkAdvisor.  The article can be found here.  A copy of the article is below:

Credit Ratings: 3 Mistakes Investors Make

Rating agencies have come under fire ever since the financial crisis of 2008-'09. In fact, rec...

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