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At RSD Advisors, we work with families and individual investors — developing long-term investment goals and portfolio strategies to meet their unique financial objectives. Our deep investment experience coupled with our energy and passion provides our clients with a sophisticated and thoughtful approach to managing their assets.

An open and honest relationship with our clients is paramount. The firm’s goal is to maintain the highest ethical standards. We take our obligation to our client’s very seriously. Our ethics codes and policies are available to you upon request.


RSD Advisors recognizes that every individual is unique – with different objectives, goals, tax situations, cash flow and other needs. Optimizing investment results for each person or family requires building and managing customized solutions. We do not put clients into “cookie cutter” investment models.

We base our recommendations on your priorities and only your priorities. We challenge ourselves to truly understand what’s important to you, your family and your aspirations.  Tax considerations and multi-generational issues are an important part of financial planning. We can help make sure you and your future generations benefit from a sound investment policy that looks to preserve assets as they are passed down.

For families and individuals, we understand the pivotal role that insurance plays in the protection of your financial assets. An integral part of any comprehensive insurance plan is an analysis and assessment of our clients’ risks and their corresponding insured interests. 


Unlike other advisors, we eschew the latest “hot investment thing.”  We work hard and do our own homework before we are ready to invest.   We investigate, read, ask questions, take things apart and put them back together.  It’s a never ending process, but one that we gladly undertake. We focus on investment analysis and portfolio construction – with a strong background in value/income, bonds and tax sensitive strategies.  We’ve invested over many market cycles with a dedicated focus on risk management.

When we invest in a fund for our clients, cost containment is an important issue we examine. High fees can quickly “eat up” returns, which is why we look for low cost investments that provide the proper exposure to a particular asset class or strategy. And, as always, we take particular care to understand any tax consequences.


The tools, processes, education and communication aspects of what we do serves as an important foundation in helping our clients.  At RSD, we think its important to make the necessary investments in our business that will provide the highest level of service for our clients - from using the optimal planning and research software, offering appropriate infrastructure and ultimately ensuring that we communicate with our clients effectively.  The vendors and tools that we utilize are well suited to our clients including SSG - Shareholders Service Group (introducing broker), NetX 360 (trading platform), Pershing (custody) MoneyGuidePro (financial planning), Bridge Financial (performance reporting and billing), Riskalyze/Nitro (portfolio risk analysis), Morningstar (investment research).

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